Curlew has been translated to 14 languages, thanks to all translators!

  • Basque: by Alexander Gabilondo
  • Traditional Chinese: by taijuin
  • Czech: by Pavel Fric
  • German: by Rainer Peichl
  • Italian: by bersil
  • Nederlands: by JohnV
  • Polish: by Daniel Napora
  • Português - Brazil: by vagner
  • Serbian: by Ch_Brozović
  • Spanish: by bersil, and Toni Estévez
  • Russian: by VitalD

How can I translate Curlew?

If you want to translate Curlew interface to your language, please download curlew.pot template file from here, and start translation using the amazing po editor Poedit, or you can use another tool you like. and mail it as your_language_code.po to me.