Curlew Multimedia Converter


Easy to use, Free and Open-Source Multimedia converter for Linux. Curlew written in python and GTK3 and it depends on (ffmpeg/avconv).


  • Easy to use and clean user interface.
  • Hide the advanced options with the ability to show them.
  • Convert to more than 100 different formats.
  • Allow to edit formats.
  • Shutdown or suspend PC after a conversion process.
  • Show file informations (duration, remaining time, estimated size, progress value).
  • Show file details using mediainfo.
  • Allow to skip or remove file during conversion process.
  • Preview file before conversion.
  • Show video thumbnail.
  • Convert a specified portion of file.
  • Combine subtitle with video.
  • Allow to crop and pad video.
  • Show error details if exist.


For Curlew:

- python >= 3.3
- python3-gi >= 3.12
- python3-dbus
- gir1.2-gtk-3.0 >> 3.12
- gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0
- libav-tools >= 0.8 (or ffmpeg)
- libavcodec-extra (Ubuntu/Debian)
- xdg-utils
- mediainfo
- gnome-icon-theme-symbolic

For installer (

- librsvg2-bin (or something similar) to convert .svg to .png
- intltool-debian (or intltool) to compile translations files